The Wife of My Wife


T.H. Seacrest

Lot's Cave, Inc.

The Wife of My Wife - Bookrepublic

The Wife of My Wife


T.H. Seacrest

Lot's Cave, Inc.


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Husband tells his wife how hot it would be to watch her with another girl and she says she would like to watch him suck a cock. And the more she thinks about it the more she decides it is something he must do for her.

Before I could reply she straddled my lap and kissed me sexy and tender.

“I will have sex with a girl and you will watch.”

I again tried to get her to understand it was no big deal, but she shushed with her hand over my mouth.

“But then, darling hubby, I get two guys.”

Her smiling lips acted fast as lightning in planting a sloppy kiss, giving me no chance to protest.

“Will you hear me? Please? And you can have two girls.”

“Two….? girls? Are you serious?”

‘Two guys for me and two girls for you. You get the girls after suck that cock for me.”

Alternated between searching my eyes for thoughts and plenty of sloppy kisses.

“Think about it?”

“Well I guess if… you don’t mind me being with two girls? Really?”

“Not if you suck a cock.”

I could feel her dampness pressing on my lap and she pushed down when my hardness was obvious. I was really caught in indecision.

She had momentum. And she used it. She said, “I know two right away. I’m sure they would love to spend…”

“Girls! The two girls for hubby! Jenny and Clarissa? Hm?”

I quickly scanned the memory banks and came up empty.

Joyce came to the rescue.

“At the apparel shop I can never resist when we go downtown? You always wait outside? You know the two girls who own it? Jenny? Clarissa?”

Oh. Wow. Yeah I knew who she meant. But I found it hard to believe they would…

“They are crazy about you.”

“Huh? No I don’t believe...”

“Tell me they think you’re so cute. Clarissa especially.” Joyce, grinding harder, literally soaking my lap, said, “she says you’ve got the hottest ass she’s ever seen on a man. Jenny loves your lips. And your dimples.”

During our negotiations, my shorts had come off and my wife’s panties were set aside so  she could sit on my cock.

As we spoke less and fucked more, she began to spill passions against my ears, with phrases like, “Baby say you’ll suck a cock for me. Say it. Say you’ll suck a cock for me.”

She was riding harder and began to breathe in those pitches that ascend like vocal percussion. I came closer and closer to cumming. I just wanted to savor the wild way she rode me. Maybe this would be one of her new games. Just another route to a proper matrimonial orgasm.

Joyce continued to urge me to really say out loud I would suck a cock for her, and anything else she wanted; but I couldn’t get the words out; because there was also the little issue we did not get around to discussing – the two guys for her. Then again, I wasn’t exactly ready to meditate on it, else it truly mess me up.


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