Mom's Wet Embrace


A.J. Mayes

Lot's Cave, Inc.

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Mom's Wet Embrace


A.J. Mayes

Lot's Cave, Inc.


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The oldest of triplets, Meren, continues the family tradition started with her dad and sisters on their eighteenth birthday. She lives a decadent, carefree life with her twins. As Ty and Amber mature into young adults, they are introduced to a life of incest: mom son, brother sister, mom daughter, and all three together. Will her wealth and family be able to hide her insatiable needs?

Meren strutted outside, and with her open robe flowing behind her, the moon’s bright luminescence made her skin glow silver. She noticed her son’s eyes on each sensual step, and smiling, swayed her hips even more. Gliding to the hot tub, she handed him an icy bottle. “Enjoy my entrance, Ty?”

“Fuck me, mom. I shot a load into you, like, five minutes ago.” He drained half of his beer. “Seeing you walk like that ... shit, you made my dick hard.”

“Mmm. You know I love your dick when it’s hard.” She set her beer on the stone coping, let her robe fall, pinched her aroused nipples even more erect, and stepped into the swirling water. She grabbed the beer, and her eyes on him chugged the cold liquid, then set the bottle down. “Show me, stud.”

“Sure.” He rose and sitting on the stone, stroked his turgid cock. “Suck it, hot butt.”

She wet her lips, moved between his legs, and lowering her head, ran her tongue over his balls, then licked her way up his shaft. Kissing the bulbous head, she smiled. “You know what I want. I love you, Ty.”

“Ditto. Now, suck my dick.”

“Make me.”

With the speed of a striking rattlesnake, his hand shot out and slammed into her cheek. Her blood turning hot as pain radiated straight to her sex, she gasped as he slapped her again. He grabbed her head and growled, “I said, suck it, bitch.”

She wrapped her lips around the head, swallowed half of his cock, and taking a breath, waited. He pushed her head an inch down his shaft, then forced the last four in. The head embedded in her throat, she moaned and raked her teeth over his shaft while he pulled her back up. He viciously slapped her cheek. “Fucking whore. Stop it, or I won’t fuck you. Got it?”

“Um, hmm.”

“Good. Now, suck me, slut.”

Sealing her lips, she eagerly sucked while he guided her up and down his pipe. She heard a female voice. “Shit, Ty. I can’t leave you and mom alone for a minute.”
“Hey. I can’t help it if the cock whore loves my dick, sis.”

“You know I love your dick, too. Save some for me, brother.”

“I’ve only shot one bullet tonight. And I’m packing a six-shooter. Join us, Amber.”

“Like you could stop me.”

Water splashing her back as Amber jumped into the hot tub, Meren sucked Ty harder. She moaned as Amber ran a hand over her ass, then gasped as her daughter shoved three digits into her steaming pussy. Amber pumped her fingers in and out and leaned close to Meren’s ear. “Suck my twin, mom.”

“Yeah, mom. Suck me.”

“Um, hmm.”


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