Incest And New Blood


A.J. Mayes

Lot's Cave, Inc.

Incest And New Blood - Bookrepublic

Incest And New Blood


A.J. Mayes

Lot's Cave, Inc.


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New blood. The cousins and sisters have found three Hispanic brothers to love. Now the triplet moms are on the lookout for girlfriends for their sons. Could there possibly be a second incestuous family on the lake?

Callie moaned, and her erotic dream disappearing in a puff of smoke, spread her legs to welcome the three intruders. Lying on her stomach, she raised her head and glanced back. “Mmm. That feels good, son. Finger me.”

Colt slid his digits deeper, and sliding his fingers out, rammed them back inside her warm embrace. While he pumped the fingers in and out, her pleasure grew, and juices flooded her canal. She gasped and sucked in a breath as he twirled his digits. “Oh, God. Yes. Yes. Shit. I’m coming. Don’t stop. Please. Finger me, baby.”

She moaned as he fingered her faster, and with the sensations quickly taking her to the edge, gasped when a climax took her. While he continued driving his fingers in, she sensed spasms begin the journey and shuddered when they arrived. With another climax shaking her insides, she yelled, “My God. Shit. Shit. Enough. I need you in me. Please. Give me your dick.”

He yanked his fingers out, straddled her thighs, and pushing her round cheeks apart, shoved his cock into her furnace. The head burrowed through her membranes and she took a deep breath, moaning as he withdrew. He stretched his legs and balancing on his hands and toes, growled, “You ready for this, mom?”

“Do it, son. Oh, my God.”

The force of his harsh penetration taking her breath, she gulped in air and dug fingers into the bed. He pulled back, and driving his pipe deep, fucked her with tenacious strokes. His cock rubbing the right spots, she moaned as the tingles began. The tingles becoming spasms, she yelled, “Fuck. Already? Shit. Shit. Fuck. Don’t stop. Oh, God. Too soon. Shit. Yes. Yes. Colt!”

She groaned as he hammered his steel home, then drilled her pussy like an insane jackhammer. The sensations shoving her off a cliff, she yelled. The relief momentary, she yelled louder as convulsions tore through her. The climax barely done, she jerked when another hit. Her knuckles white, she held on as tremors mercilessly shook her. The aftershocks came, and she screamed, “Oh, God. Oh, God. Fuck. Shit. Yes. Yes. Fuck me, baby. Oh, my God. Colt!”

“Keep screaming, mom. I’ll fuck you harder.”

“God, yes. I love you. Please. Fuck me harder. Oh, shit.”

With his cock a piston, the assault went on. The orgasms kept coming, and she lost control. Her screams tormenting her ears, she instinctively squeezed her vaginal muscles tight. “Oh, my God. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Shoot on my ass and back, baby. Oh, shit. Not again. Yes. Yes. Fuck. Colt!”

“Fuck. God damnit. I can’t hold it. Shit.”

He yanked his cock out as it exploded. With the head spraying cum over her butt and back, Callie moaned, and her heart bruising her chest, gasped for air.

“Move aside, brother. I want to lick your cum off of mom,” Krystal said.

Colt rolled onto his back and looked at his sister. “Save some for mom, cowgirl. I know she wants a taste.”

“Damn right, I do.” Callie glanced at Krystal. “Lick the cum up and kiss me, cutie.”

“I’m on it, mom.”


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