Blackmailed Into Submission 4 Book Bundle


Mistress Daria

Mistress Daria

Blackmailed Into Submission 4 Book Bundle - Bookrepublic

Blackmailed Into Submission 4 Book Bundle


Mistress Daria

Mistress Daria


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These 4 books contain Very Naughty Erotica themes of Lesbian BDSM, Bondage, Spanking, Humiliation punishment, Domination and Submission as well as the use of BDSM devices.

Book 1: “Blackmailed Into Submission”
Book 2: "After Class Submission"
Book 3: "Last House Call"
Book 4: "Home Alone"

From Book One: “Blackmailed Into Submission”
Carrie lives with her aunt and works nights as a waitress, but can’t seem to pay the rent on time each month. However, her dear old auntie does have a nice little garden out in the back yard so she thought it the perfect place to grow a little something extra to help boost her tiny income she got in tips.

Well, that was until she heard a loud banging on their backdoor one evening! It was Mrs. Jones and she was twirling a strange looking leaf in her hand, Busted!

Mrs. Jones is a hot 40 year old widow, only she’s threatening to call the police! Carrie begs her not to. She’s willing to give up anything. Only
she doesn’t have much, or does she? 

She can’t even come up with this month’s utility bills. But maybe she has something else she can give up…

Mrs. Jones, takes an overly long once over look at Carrie’s hot young body. Thoughts running through her twisted, lonely mind. Here’s this innocent, hot, young woman who is begging her 'willing to give up anything'!"

Please, Mrs. Jones, Cheryl, please don't call the cops, I’ll give anything, but please don't call the cops!"

A devious smile formed on her face as she replied, “Mmmmm, I like this submissive, begging side of you. Maybe there is something you could give me."

What does Mrs. Jones have in her lewd and twisted mind?

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