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The following topics are included in this 2-book combo:

Book 1: Most feelings of jealousy or envy are related to insecurities. They come deep from within a person’s fears, doubts, self-esteem, and other variables, sometimes grounded in childhood experiences.

Some people, however, are in denial. They go through life and never admit that they might envy what another person has, or they don’t want to admit to feelings of inadequacy or fear that their partner might lose interest in them.

In order to provide clarity when we can speak of real jealousy, this book lists seven signs or indications of jealousy. Finally, it ends with how you can turn things around positively if the green monster has gotten a hold of you. Feelings of jealousy can be used for beneficial purposes, and ultimately, this is what the book will focus on.

Book 2: Most people have experienced simple manifestations of jealousy, but there are exceptional cases and disorders that must be mentioned. In this book, some of those brain functions that border on insanity will be discussed and explained.

Aside from that, several chapters of the book refer to jealousy problems in marriage and other relationships. Apparently, this problem is more common than many presume it to be, so it is worth mentioning.

Last but not least, some quotes, solutions, and tips are included in this helpful guide. They will lead you along to happier feelings and emotions, so you can rid yourself of something that could be blocking you from progressing at your own pace.
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