I'm Not a Virgin Anymore! 50-Pack


Jade Summers

Dark Dreams

I'm Not a Virgin Anymore! 50-Pack - Bookrepublic

I'm Not a Virgin Anymore! 50-Pack


Jade Summers

Dark Dreams


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50 stories - that's over 130 thousand words - of daddies, brothers, mothers, and families taking away the innocence of both girls and men. In this bundle, you'll find mind control, hypnosis, drugged sex, rape, gang bangs, lactation, breeding, pregnancy, consensual and non-consensual orgies, punishment, humiliation, and forced prostitution. And that's not all! 

The stories in this bundle are included in other collections, so check the product description for all titles.

The fifty stories in this bundle include:

1. Fucking My Sister’s Virgin Mouth and Pussy
2. Daddy’s Li’l Cum Dump
3. Licking Daddy’s Cum off My Sister
4. Filling My Daughter’s Mouth with My Cock
5. Nailing My Hitchhiking Daughter
6. Unwrapping Myself For Daddy
7. Cum Dump for My Brothers
8. Family Sandwich
9. Drinking from My Virgin Daughter’s Tits
10. Giving My Brother a Baby
11. Daddy Gave Me to His Friends for Xmas
12. Daddy Keeps Me Pure for Him
13. Milking My Daughter’s Big Tits
14. Punished by Daddy
15. Daddy Daughter Orgy
16. Stretching My Virgin Daughter's Asshole
17. Daddy's Big Party Favors
18. Cum Play with Me Daddy
19. Jizzing on My Virgin Sister's Face
20. Forced to Fuck My Family
21. Forced to Breed
22. Ass Raped by My Dad and His Friends
23. Mother Son Orgy
24. Used by My Brothers
25. Cum Dump for the Congregation on Christmas Eve
26. Drugged and Raped at the Christmas Party
27. My Brother Gave Me Cummy Panties for Christmas
28. Daddy Likes to Lick My Feet
29. Fingering My Butthole for Daddy
30. All Holes Filled by My Daddy
31. Taking Five Cocks at Once
32. Forcing My Son to Drink My Milk
33. Sucking My Brother's Cum Out of My Twin Sister's Ass
34. Cumming in My Sister's Asshole 20 Times
35. My Daddy Got Me Pregnant and Ruined My Body
36. I Can't Stop Cumming on My Daughter's Feet
37. My Brother Got Me Pregnant and Ruined My Body
38. Ass to Mouth with My Virgin Daughter
39. Daddy's Big Hard Surprise
40. Using My Sister's Asshole While She Sleeps
41. Drugged Foot Fuck
42. Family Gangbang on Thanksgiving
43. Hypnotizing My Virgin Sister to Be My Slut
44. Family Cum Dump
45. Daddy Milked My Tits on Christmas
46. Baby-Making Slave
47. Fucking My Sister’s Feet While She Does Homework
48. Covering My Sleeping Sister's Ass with My Cum
49. Keeping My Daughters in a Sex Prison
50. Loving All My Daughters: A Daddy Daughter Orgy


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