Body Language


John Adamssen

Efalon Acies

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Body Language


John Adamssen

Efalon Acies


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The following topics are included in this 2-book combo:

Book 1: Body language can be used for many things. After some basic techniques that involve mirroring and adjusting to people’s moods, the book gets a bit more specific.

Several situations are highlighted in which nonverbal communication and social cues can be extremely useful.

The first one is negotiations. Imagine if you could read all the signs of the person you are negotiating with. Could you get a better deal if you could read his or her mood? You bet. Do you think you could sense how far they are willing to go better? Sure. Body language is so important during negotiations because nobody typically puts all his or her cards on the table.

Another important area in which body language plays a role, is in selling. It’s hard to understand why people accept or reject offers, how much they are willing to pay, and how emotions sway them into making a buying decision or not. So, the more you know about people, the better you become at selling.

Do yourself a favor and learn more about these aspects of body language!

Book 2: This book focuses on three important aspects of body language: Leadership, reading hints, and making eye contact.

It sounds so simple, but these are three of the most important factors in conversations between two people, or in a group, and they define who we are, what message we convey, and how to interpret those messages every day.

What is a person thinking when he or she raises their eyebrows, lets shoulders slump, or crosses their arms? What does eye contact signify in different situations?

Learn more. Find out what we are saying when we are not saying anything.


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