Baked with Love


Erin Wright

Wright's Romance Reads

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Baked with Love


Erin Wright

Wright's Romance Reads


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Owning a business is hard. Not falling for your annoying but oh-so-gorgeous neighbor? Harder.

When Gage takes over the family bakery, he’s got a lot of work in front of him. His day starts way before dawn and doesn’t end till well past dark. The very last thing on his mind is romance.
That all changes the day a five-foot-nothin’ spitfire buys the shop next door and promptly begins what has to be the longest and loudest remodeling project.
It’s soon plenty clear that Little Miss Trouble is intent on upending Gage’s well-ordered life. He’d be good and riled up, if only his new neighbor from hell wasn’t so damn gorgeous…

Cady’s got a few resolutions for the new year: Start over. Open a business. Steer clear of Sawyer men – especially her impossible neighbor.

Cady’s ready for a fresh start. The new year marks the beginning of a brand-new life, and a clean slate is just what she needs to shake off her painful memories. What better way than to open a business? Extra points for work she believes in. Toss in a few more points for a cute-as-a-button storefront in downtown Sawyer.
Yup, her plan is perfect…except for one thing: The intimidating-as-hell baker running the shop next door. He's too much, up at all hours with the mixer running, and driving her crazy. He’s a gigantic wall of muscle, exactly the type she's not into. But then why does her heart start to skip a beat every time he's close?
Cady begins to discover that sometimes, the best gifts come in oversized packages, especially ones with an ever-present dusting of cinnamon and sugar across the nose.

But her painful past refuses to stay where it belongs – in the past. The danger she yearns to forget threatens to wreck everything she’s built…

Baked with Love is the ninth novel in the Long Valley Romance series, although all books in the Long Valley world can be read as standalones. It has some strong language, and oh my, sexy times. Enjoy!



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