Sustainable Leadership


Federico Fioretto

edizioni la meridiana

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Sustainable Leadership


Federico Fioretto

edizioni la meridiana


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The CASE© Method is a Four Phases, Nine Steps approach to the transformation of conflicts and the enhancement of leadership and performance.The Method also provides practical guidelines to focus and act effectively in the most intricate, multi-stakeholders decision making situation.Transformative Communication and its applicative Method are excellent tools to deal with the conflicts which physiologically and frequently arise from complex activities and situations, as well as it happens in the everyday life of organizations. A conflict is triggered when an obstacle prevents a person or an organization from achieving his/her/its objectives. The CASE© Method brings about a clearer vision of the situation and a change in perspective which leads to overcome the obstacle, while transforming thedifficulty into an opportunity. It has also proved to be a fitting complement to Risk Management and Stakeholder Engagement policies andsystems.Through the implementation of the CASE© decision making process, initially hostile stakeholders can be turned into precious allies and partners in the pursuit of Win/Win solutions and better outcomes, making the organization more sustainable and successful.Indeed, the long lasting success of an organization is proof of its sustainability. To achieve such goal, the organization's leadership must be able to transform the conflicts arising among the people involved in its processes as well as between priorities and objectives of its various components.Transformative Communication and its CASE© Method are here to serve such purpose. This book is addressed to entrepreneurs, executives and managers of organizations and institutions both private and public, business or no-profit, to government officials andpublic managers. In a nutshell, Sustainable Leadership is for all those who manage or operate within complex structures and wish to acquire skills and tools apt to improve their work environment and their organization's performance.


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