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This book traces the history of health care in Florence and the surrounding area from the older and more generic institutions right up to our present-day Health Society. The accounts of the ancient and recent history of certain hospitals illustrate both the context and the reasons for their development. The reader is offered a fascinating and dynamic picture which reflects the evolution of health care in the Florentine territory, and indicates how the concept of quality has been declined over time. The informative sections on each of the hospitals have been drafted by the students and staff of the Faculty of Medical Surgery, as a symbol of the sharing of intentions and objectives which represents a crucial aspect of medical training. Donatella Tombaccini, Associate Professor of General Pathology in the Faculty of Medical Surgery of the University of Florence, has published numerous scientific articles on experimental oncology in leading specialist international journals. She has also published texts on General Pathology for students on the Degree Course in Nursing. Donatella Lippi, Lecturer on the History of Medicine in the Faculty of Medical Surgery of the University of Florence, has published numerous essays in leading specialist international journals as well as numerous monographs, including (with M. Baldini) 'La Medicina. Gli uomini e le teorie' (2000, 2d ed. 2006). Manager of the Medici project for Florence University, she has published a number of articles on the subject in addition to the book (with C. Di Domenico) 'I Medici. Una dinastia ai Raggi X' (2004). Fiorella Lelli has held the positions of Manager of the Nursing and Obstetrics Service in the Florence Health Agency and of temporary lecturer in the Faculty of Medical Surgery of the University of Florence. Cristina Rossi is a manager in the nursing service department of the Florence Health Agency.


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