The Psychic World


Fausto Presutti


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The Psychic World


Fausto Presutti



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The psychological itinerary of the PSYCHIC WORLD is structured in two parts:
* Part 1: THE PSYCHIC DYNAMICS, where the following topics are discussed: Psychic Ideational Association, "Rainbow" Test, "The Aladdin's Lamp" Test, "The Golden Age" Test, Pleasant Experience, Unpleasant Experience, Pleasant/Unpleasant Experience Pleasant/Unpleasant Emotions.
Part 2: THE EMOTIONAL FIELDS, where the following topics are discussed: Habitual Emotions, Fear, Anxiety/Anguish, Aggressiveness/Violence, Mildness/Kindness, Sorrow, Pleasure, Serenity, Security, Happiness, Sadness, Desperation, and the Emotional Fields of the Psychic World.
The formative / cognitive incentives offered in the PSYCHIC WORLD permit the development of personality, the construction of the Universe of Emotions and the expression of the psychic world in which the subject lives.
Understanding one's own emotions and values; educates one to live them intensely and deeply, to customize the reality with one's own way of being. It is essential to promote a full and satisfying life, to grasp the meaning of life, to perform the daily activities with a strong motivation.
The psychological itinerary PSYCHIC WORLD, therefore, allows a progressive discovery and understanding of the forms, size and forces that characterize the Universe of Emotions, the Psychic World, the Structure of Personality and Psycho-Social Attitudes of each person, through:
- A self-psychological (if done individually)
- A therapeutic relationship (if the experience is assisted by expert)
- An educational relationship socializing (if made with a group of people who share the same route).
The complete realization of the four routes of the psychological path KNOWING ONE'S SELF, with people from their social context, allows the construction of an effective and lasting well-being in the community in a constructive and meaningful way, promoting acceptance for empathy between people and a dynamic situation of availability and psycho-affective harmony, that encourages the formation of involving and satisfying social relations.
The realization of the psychic path Knowing One's Self allows each individual to express his own psychic world and to reflect on itself; at the same time enable him to understand others and to evolve his personality characteristics within a comfortable and stimulating social context..


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