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In a own key, and contrary to what you'd expect, especially Koala speaks of change. How things change, how people change, the change is there, as well as what never will be. Love and hate, wealth and poverty, life and death, light and darkness ... So take the protagonist of Koala, Diego, young, cheeky and penniless, and his life-changing, economically, emotionally, morally. And take Mery, his ex-girlfriend which he is still madly in love with her hunger for life, and take Johnny and his guitar, and put them together, and watch their quick rise to popularity, so similar to such a descent hell. And go ahead and take the sinister maneuvers of a group of people who, between politics and industry, are organizing a crime of the most sinister. Diego becomes aware and tries to stop it all. It almost succeeds, even if it risks losing his life. And in one fell swoop lost love, friendship and trust. Then he met Katia and the decision to take a trip around the world. And all finished and everything finally seems here we go again, here we go again to feel good and feel bad. From Livorno unfolds an adventure that has for background the exploitation and hunger, and no regard for human life. In Africa proud as a desperate, Diego finally meets the meaning of his life and that kind of feelings in him that he considered impossible. He will fight with all his strength against an epidemic of Leihsmaniosi and against the pharmaceutical companies and their desire no longer to produce the necessary medicines, against a tangle of interests where the voice is less important than human life. The unexpected connections with his past will push him to shuttle between Europe, Asia and Africa in a race against time. Fight and his victory will have a very high price and will still be linked to an awareness that it is only a battle won in an eternal war. For some things that change, other things will never change. Although the teaching received by the huge eyes of a black child ill with a disease which, in distant Italy, almost all do not even know the name of it, hence the title "Koala", by Katia and Dr. Rosselli however, is that we must there, is that you must always try, at all costs. Koala must be read on many levels for so it is written. Much more than an adventure novel, well over a yellow, a book that can not leave us indifferent.


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