Conversations with the unconscious


Monica Moro

Blu Editore

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Conversations with the unconscious


Monica Moro

Blu Editore


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The Unconscious is a complex topic, very used, and very abused. People far more authoritative than me have written about this subject, I am neither a psychologist nor a psychiatrist. So, here you won't find anything such a professional could tell you about the unconscious. You will hear me in any way talk about psychological or psychiatric conditions. It's not my job and I don't have the skills. And, it is not the reason why this e-book is born.

I want to tell you something that I hope you will find new, different and also immediately useful in your everyday life. Mine is a decidedly holistic view of the unconscious, indeed Unconscious with capital letters, which stems from my personal experience in working with people I do as Spiritualcoach®, Master Reiki Usui, and teacher of the technique "The Invisible Masters" by Igor Sibaldi.
And since, in lost time, I am also a biomedical researcher, my experience of the unconscious has merged with what biological and neurological I learned in the years of university and research work, creating a unique interweaving in which the different parts are no longer separable from each other without the whole thing being damaged.

A bit like when an ivy branch wraps around a tree trunk and the two elements enter into the sort of symbiosis that on one side leads the tree to push further upwards and on the other allows the ivy to thrive. Tear the ivy, and the process of accelerating the growth of the tree will suffer.
You've probably always thought of ivy as a weed that kills trees and ruins the walls of the houses it grows on. Yet, there are trees that thanks to its presence make the effort to grow taller to find light and air. And the old ivy-covered houses are not only the subject of fascinating photographs, but they are also cooler and better protected from the summer sun.

The Unconscious we are talking about in this book is like that ivy. What you read can be very annoying, so you're going to take this book and store it as "something I had better not to waste my time on." Or what you read can give you a little boost to grow towards your better, towards a deeper knowledge of yourself and how you move towards the things you want. It can also give you little tools to find out what you want and to make your unconscious an ally, a very powerful ally to fully realize who you are.
The stories you read are true, I changed the names of the people involved of course unless it's me. These are stories of people who, by learning to converse with their Unconscious, have been able to bring concrete improvements to their lives. Paradoxically, by learning to cede part of the control to the Unconscious, these people have pulled your own string more strongly.

With this book, I want to leave you above all the deep conviction that, despite all your facets and the many roles you have to play in your life, you are a whole. A whole made up of many parts, that are true, but all these parts, Unconscious included, are in constant communication with each other. This communication leads you to do what you do and to express what you are.
Mostly, you are not aware of this communication. What would happen if you were aware of it?
How your life would change if you become an active part of this conversation?
Let's find out together.


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