Lake Como and its valleys


Roberto Cattani , Marta Miuzzo

Livingston & Co

Lake Como and its valleys - Bookrepublic

Lake Como and its valleys


Roberto Cattani , Marta Miuzzo

Livingston & Co


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Lake Como, with its valleys, is a “Little World” (Piccolo Mondo), as author Antonio Fogazzaro would describe it: little maybe, but a source of inspiration of great stories, one above all “The Betrothed” by Alessandro Manzoni. This is a corner of Lombardy with spectacular scenery, populated by people who lived a most varied history, industrious to the point of competing even in the arts with the Comacine Masters, as well as in sciences, in the metallurgic and silk industry, and today in tourism, thanks to an offer of absolutely prestigious tourist facilities. Starting from the 18th century, the lake attracted most of the super jet society, not only from Italy and Europe: royals, aristocrats and upper-class bourgeois have built dreamlike villas, many of which are today museums or hotels, or are for rent for exclusive stays or events. Many artists, musicians, writers and statesmen from all over the world stayed and were enchanted by Lake Como. This guide means to lead tourists to discover the peculiarities of the branches of Como and Lecco, of Central Lake Como and Northern Lake Como and their surrounding valleys: a variety of environments, even between the lake’s shores, each with its own features, determined by specifics habitats and peculiar history, experienced in different ways, in spite of being marked by common events - It features an interactive integrated guide with selected links to sites and videos for further details and more complete information --- Based on experience, “Guide Livingston & Co.” was created with the purpose of fulfilling the traveler’s needs. Concise and complete in order to allow a better knowledge of the destinations and to understand the main features of the visits. Practical and reliable in order to be a valid travelling companion.



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