Approach and conquer


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Approach and conquer


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One of the most common questions/challenges/problems guys come to me with tends to go something like this... "Bryan, if I could get a girl to sit down with me for just 30 minutes, I know I can use some of your powerful seduction tactics and get her to like me, want me, crave me, etc. A lot of different techniques, methods, and entire strategies exist which can be used to approach a female (stranger) and get a desired response (which in this case, is to create interest and intrigue so she will want to spend more time with you.) I'm going to share several methods and techniques in this report. And, you can choose the ones that you think will best suit your purpose, style and personality. can try them all out and see which ones do work best for you and produce the best results. The techniques and strategies also vary based on when you are going to meet the female (day or night,) where you will meet her (restaurant, street, bar, club), how you will meet her (whether she's by herself, with a friend, in a group,) and of course who she is (her appearance, social status, personality, energy, etc.) That may seem like a lot of points to consider and learn about. And, you're right - it is. So, I also want to say something else here... You can make this process as simple or as complicated as you want to. It's really up to you. (My advice would be to simplify as much as possible.) The point is... if all you did right now was to walk up to a female - in a fun and playful manner - and started talking to her, she would probably respond favorably. In other words, she would be happy to have a conversation with you. Of course, the problem is... most guys aren't in a fun and playful state of mind when they think about approaching a beautiful woman. (They're nervous, self-conscious, or even fearful.) They also don't know what to say when to do walk up to the woman. (Some men don't have any conversational/social skills; others simply freeze up in front of a beautiful woman.) And, most men usually don't know what to say after the initial "Hi," "Hello," or "How are you" either.


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