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A man falls from the fourth floor. It is the only choice he has left to stop suffering. As he falls he announces his last wish, but then his body freezes a few centimetres above the ground. A thread of light descends from above him, he clings to it, and tries to escape from the dark well of depression that has swallowed him. Aldo Amedei is a successful journalist who has lost everything, even his dreams. The past is regret, the present is populated by monsters and ghosts, but he tries to follow that thread of light, that crazy desire that kept him alive, by running the New York marathon. He doesn’t even know why he thought of it; after all, he is a man who takes his car to drive a hundred metres. He starts running, like an escaped prisoner hunted by his nightmares. He falls, he gets up, he falls again and gets back on his feet. And each time it hurts more and more. But he doesn’t let go. For love, and with the love of Teresa, his young partner. Spitting out his soul along streets full of toil, angels and vultures, he comes back to life, to passion and to dreams. He’s helped by a doctor, a unexpected coach and a grandson even crazier than himself. He becomes another person, embedding people into his heart, along with laughter, surprises and new emotions. But his enemies don’t give up, they chase him, determined to bring him back into the black well of depression. There’s everything still to play for, as in the last challenge, between life and death: the 42 kilometres and 195 metres of the New York marathon. Against the wind and against everything. From Hell to Central Park.




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