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Today, compared to the past, we live - fortunately in the digital era. Customers from all over the world are all connected to the internet, they love social life. Authors still don’t consider this feature important, but it represents very interesting and promising sceneries, especially when we talk about promotion and the sales of their Artworks. The great benefits, services and the powerful strategies offered by self publishing companies(Step 2), and in addition, the applied web strategies (Step 3), make available powerful weapons for promotion, weapons for every Author, that already help to reach the success who understood how to apply these innovations. In this precious Artwork - that represents the demonstration of the promotional innovative strategy - is described a clear path to follow and advices to apply, step by step, to reach the fame, starting from zero. It allows to fulfill what recently was impossible - reach the fame and climb the top of sales. It reveals how to make thousands of sales of copies of your Books. It’s about all that you need to do, apply particular strategies and planning every detail. Applying the strategies of Self Publishing, signing particular strategic - commercial agreements and applying important tools of web marketing, is finally possible for every Author to reach the fame, the success and sale a lot of copies. How can you do this? It’s simple! Discover it right now! Make the Self Publishing strategies yours. You’ll see everything from innovative and different point of view, compared to the old methods to conceive, publish and promote your Artwork. The present "Club" version includes access to the reserved area with the tutorial videos, to provide more exclusive and clear explanation of the concepts presented in the eBook.




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