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This manuscript aims to explain three successfully business cases of social enterprises belonging to the health care industry in Africa. It shows the genius of three entrepreneurs that are facing social issues through social businesses. These three entrepreneurs attended the “Global MBA in Impact Entrepreneurship” launched by E4Impact Foundation. It is an Italian foundation which trains both active and aspiring entrepreneurs in the start-up and/or scaling of their businesses in several African countries.
According to Yunus – Nobel Peace Prize for pioneering the concepts of microcredit and microfinance – a social enterprise seeks to achieve a social objective. In these types of organizations, the profitmaximization is replaced by the maximization of the social impact. The three enterprises included in this manuscript are deemed benchmarks of social businesses in the healthcare industry.
Innovation Eye Centre is located in the rural area of Kisii, Kenya, established in 2012. It provides high quality and low cost eye care services. Eye Centre adopted the Cross Subsidy Model which is a practice of charging higher prices to one group of consumers to subsidize lower prices for another group. Innovation Eye Centre has been inspired by Aravind Eye Hospital, which offers the eye surgery and eye health services to all customers, with payments based on income.
Totohealth is a Mobile Health company started the business in 2014. The company aims to improve maternal, new born child health by disseminating accurate, targeted and timely information. It uses an intelligent mobile platform which advises parents about the health conditions that children and mothers might have. The aim is to empower parents with child and maternal health care information based on the stage of pregnancy or age of the child. It provides information through SMS and Voice in order to reach as many people as possible.
ThinkIT is a health care diagnostic development start-up company, established in 2013. The company provides a quick, accurate, low cost, and non-invasive Malaria diagnosis that does not require any medical expertise to operate. The company supplies a device and software, called respectively Matiscope and Matibabu, which diagnoses Malaria through light and magnetism that cross a patient’s finger, therefore without taking blood.

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