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Galdino Beltramello


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Will to win


Galdino Beltramello



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On the occasion of my father Galdino’s birthday, coinciding―as he jokingly loved to remember―with that of Marlon Brando, Gabel wishes to bring a bit of optimism and positivity into the difficult period that we are all experiencing. Galdino Beltramello was also the founder of our Company, a project that he brought to success after many years of incomparable commitment. Certain that he would’ve both liked and promoted it, we will distribute his biography for free, included in this e-book, during the months of April and May 2020.

With this, we hope to preside over the quarantine and forced closure of society while we stay in our homes, making up for the lost time that can instead be found in the companionship of a good read.

“Will to Win” tells the story of an intense and adventurous existence, full of trials and tribulations, marked sometimes by discomfort and sometimes by situations of real danger, faced by Galdino during World War II. Thanks to his unwavering willpower, above all else, these moments have came and went, with his successes and satisfactions to follow. They are now brought to life in his work, especially in his family’s life. These episodes remind us what the world is going through, especially in terms of sacrifice and uncertainties for tomorrow.

It is a tribute that Gabel wishes to give to those who read it: to instill some of the extraordinary strength of the men and women who preceded us and have brought hope and determination even in the most impervious territories.

With a goal to bring help to those who are doing their utmost for the benefit of us all during this period, those who wish can make a donation to the Italian Civil Protection through the IBAN: IT84Z0306905020100000066387.

We also would like to make you a part of our latest efforts. During these last few weeks, which have certainly not been easy, we have launched a new digital product, e-poles (www.e-poles.com). We worked with enthusiasm and ardour so that release was not delayed, in recognition of the importance of the protection of health and of the aid that e-poles will bring in the fight against different pathologies—metabolic, cardiovascular and neurodegenerative—as well as as a tool for improvement in the practice of Nordic Walking. We hope to work even more in the future, bringing its benefit to others.

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