The Romance of Paulilatino


Carlo Mulas , William Edward Norris


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The Romance of Paulilatino


Carlo Mulas , William Edward Norris



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In this Sardinian tale we are introduced to young Count Vincenzo, the son of a Sardinian landed proprietor of ancient lineage and miserly habits, who has spent twenty years of his twenty-five away from home, in the care of an uncle and aunt, from whom he has imbibed literary and artistic tastes.

On the death of his uncle, Vincenzo returns to a home that he scarcely remembers in the wild mountainous village of Paulilatino, Sardinia. Here, practically bereft of all society save that of an unsympathetic old father, he is miserable until he chances across a beautiful village maiden, Teresina, with aspirations that soar far above her rank.

Of course, Vincenzo quickly falls in love, and being an honorable fellow he is drawn on so far as to promise to make the girl his wife: a promise that he means to keep. But there is another lover, a hot-blooded peasant named Paolo, to reckon with, whom Teresina keeps as a second string to her bow.

Terrible love, necessary blood and traditional vendetta for a classical “Sardinian tale” that introduces the reader to discover the amazing and picturesque island of Sardinia.

The novel was published for the first time in The Cornhill Magazine in September 1883.

The Author
William Edward Norris was born in 1847 in London, UK. He was an appreciate and very well known writer of short stories as: No New Thing, My Friend Jim, The Despotic Lady, Mathew Austin, The Widower and Pauline. His stories and novels appeared in several magazines, newspapers and anthologies. He died in 1925.

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