Christianity Islam Pasta Bolognese


Reinhold Baijers

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Christianity Islam Pasta Bolognese


Reinhold Baijers

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They are many people who will do shockingly horrifying things to other human beings simply because they believe specific things and follow certain ideas.

In this modern day and age we can send robots to other planets, and operate them from earth, we can successfully cure many diseases and give people another chance in life. A possibility that only modern man is privileged enough to have. The triumph over polio is one of the great success stories of modern medical science.

In last hundred years alone, we made incredible scientific progress.
At the same time, we can be living with a neighbor that genuinely believes that whenever an Islamic terrorist blows himself up in a crowded place, his actions will be rewarded with eternal life in Heaven. This fact shows me that something is very wrong with the world of today. My goal is to help people get out of this religious and the mess it can create.

In the first chapter, we are going to talk about why religion is dangerous. And what exactly is wrong with following one of the big religions.

In the second chapter, we are going to talk about why religions are still relevant in our modern society and why it still has influence and power.

In the third chapter we are going to talk about one key that we need to get rid off, in order to clear the path to the real truth.
Thats when we can start to live our lives in the best and meaningful way possible.

In the last chapter, we are going to talk about how to find meaning in a world without God.
And why this meaning will be much more profound and deeper than it would be if you chose to believe in religious versions of so-called afterlife. And also why the quality of your personal life will improve dramatically if you decided not to follow religion.


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