Serial Killers


Matt Belster


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Serial Killers


Matt Belster



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This is a 3-book bundle, which addresses various subtopics, including but not limited to these:

Book 1: Are all serial killers the same, or do they have different motives, methods, or origins?

In this guide, we will answer those questions in the first chapter. You will learn about the background of serial killers, their childhood, and their thirst for blood. You will see that they are as different as the colors of the rainbow. They come in all shapes and sizes.

The following chapters after that will be devoted to some extremely notorious murderers that have, sadly, walked the planet and victimized countless helpless citizens, causing them to leave this world prematurely or in unprecedented ways. It concerns these serial killers:

The Zodiac Killer
Donald Gaskins
Andrei Chikatilo
Patrick Kearney
Dennis Rader

The gruesome deaths and stories these men have left behind will be well worth the research.

Book 2: Many people try to get a grasp of what goes on in the mind of a serial killer. Today, we can at least show you a limited perspective and some solid insights in the workings of their brains. Their reasons, their background, and their murder stories will be exposed to a certain degree. The serial killers that are specifically discussed in this guide, are:

Tsutomu Miyazaki
Alexander Pichushkin
John Haigh
Paul John Knowles

If you haven’t heard of these murderers before, then now is the time. If you have, then you will probably find these facts and stories particularly interesting as well.

Book 3: Today, some of the most notorious, gruesome serial killers will be explained: Their history, their first murders, and their constant escape from the authorities until the death trials or the unanticipated disappearance of said killers.

The brutal rapes, mutilation, murders and stories by the following killers will be laid forth:

Ted Bundy
Jack the Ripper
Luis Garavito
Ahmad Suradji
Charles Cullen
William Bonin

Undoubtedly, some of these names sound familiar. I invite you to learn of their past, their decisions, their manipulation and deception, and their arrests.


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