Done By A Doggy At 30,000 Feet! : Mutts Breed Sluts 7 (Bestiality Dog Sex Animal Sex Knotting Erotica)


Betsi Ality

Taboo Inc.

Done By A Doggy At 30,000 Feet! : Mutts Breed Sluts 7 (Bestiality Dog Sex Animal Sex Knotting Erotica) - Bookrepublic

Done By A Doggy At 30,000 Feet! : Mutts Breed Sluts 7 (Bestiality Dog Sex Animal Sex Knotting Erotica)


Betsi Ality

Taboo Inc.


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You can take your dogs on some airplanes now, but no-one ever mentioned anything about fucking them.
I take my big pooch Jasper on a walk down the aisle to stretch our legs and he joins me in the cramped bathroom.  When I drop my panties he’s suddenly very interested in my pussy and I’m ashamed to say I give in to temptation.
Read how he dominates me in the cramped stall, unloading himself inside me at 30,000 feet!

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“Come on,” I said, pulling him into the stall.  I needed to pee and didn’t want to leave him alone outside.
We crammed inside and I flicked the lock shut.  The light came on and the stall appeared much more spacious than I’d thought it was.
“Good boy,” I said, petting him as he brushed against me and span in the tight room.
I turned to face him and jostled my jeans down over my ass and to my ankles.  When I came back up for my panties Jasper’s face instantly shot towards my hot crotch.
“Hey!” I yelped playfully, giggling as his wet nose hit the inside of my thigh.
His tongue leapt from his mouth and swooshed over my panties.  Suddenly my giggling stopped.  I felt a burning desire erupt within me, emerging from nowhere and becoming too powerful to contain.
I doubled over and tried to breathe, but Jasper was still busily nudging his snout against my hot pussy.
“Jasper,” I said, but it lacked conviction.  I think he could tell because he refused to stop.  Instead he doubled his efforts, trying his luck even more as he pressed his snout against my sensitive flesh.
“Oh, Jasper,” I whispered, and my voice was one of surrender now.
I pulled my panties down and sat on the seat quickly, peeing into the abyss and petting Jasper’s head.  He looked up as nonchalant as always.  To him the act was purely instinctual, brought on, no doubt, by the scented hormones that left my sex.  Jasper had realized I was aroused long before I had.
I wiped and stood up, but instead of bringing my panties up out of my jeans I stayed still.  Jasper moved, looking at me for any sign of protest.
I said nothing, leaving my hands there and letting nature do its bidding.  Jasper’s snout came forward again and his cool, wet nose sniffed at my sinful flesh.
I closed my eyes and reached out my hands, pressing one against the wall and gripping the basin of the sink with the other.
Jasper’s tongue snuck out and caressed my naked petals, smoothing them aside and tickling gently at the sensitive skin between them.


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