A Treat For Cerberus : Mutts Breed Sluts 27 (Bestiality Breeding Dog Sex Erotica)


Betsi Ality

Taboo Inc.

A Treat For Cerberus : Mutts Breed Sluts 27 (Bestiality Breeding Dog Sex Erotica) - Bookrepublic

A Treat For Cerberus : Mutts Breed Sluts 27 (Bestiality Breeding Dog Sex Erotica)


Betsi Ality

Taboo Inc.


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Megaera is hoping to cheat death and return unjustly to the land of the living, but Cerberus—the three-headed hound that guards the underworld exit—has other ideas.
In a curious moment of ingenuity Megaera offers a treat for the mutt that he can’t refuse : Megaera’s breedable body.
Read as Ceberus accepts the exchange, ravishing Megaera with his thickness and granting her the exit she desires.

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The ghouls watched on from the banks of the blood-river that flowed under the bridge out of the underworld.  They had never seen anything like this in all of their eternities.  To Megaera it made sense that the first person to make it out of the underworld should try something that no-one ever had.
Not everyone had the body to seduce the beast, but the warrior-beauty before him now was not your average escapee.  In her life Megaera had seen many a man fight and die for just the chance to bed her.  Cerberus was being offered it on a silver-platter.  No-one could begrudge him the temptation.
The dog advanced finally.  His claws clicked menacingly on the dark glass floor, but Megaera did not feel the slightest stroke of intimidation.  She felt only a deep, burning lust that she was sure would soon be sated.
“Let me see how you use those heads, boy,” she grinned.
The mutt advanced further and between his two front legs Megaera could see the burly thickness that lay beyond.  Its furry tip withdrew slightly to reveal the blood-red lipstick beyond.
“I hope that’s all for me?” Megaera breezed.
The dog huffed and then nestled a maw quickly between Megaera’s thighs.  Two of its heads played look-out while the third stretched its tongue over the manicured slit of the woman that Cerberus feared would be the first to give him a real challenge.
“That’s it,” Megaera said steadily, and her eyes closed to concentrate on the exciting sensation.  She’d had nothing but torment while she’d been down here, but now it appeared her fortunes were changing.
“Oh, Cerberus, entreat me to more than one of your tongues,” she whimpered.
The beast dutifully obliged.  Another of its heads dropped and soon Megaera was feeling the delights of two lapping muscles, coating her pussy in slick saliva and coaxing forth her shy clitoris that began to stiffen now


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