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My final autobiography - maybe. Lesbian high school cheerleader orgy? Incest with my brother, aunts, uncle, and cousins? Teaching writing to oversexed incestuous nudists? Threesomes and moresomes? Pee play? Parties become orgies? Sex with my web designer? Writing porn and watching the shoot? I've done all that and more. "An Erotic Life" includes my four autobiographies with enough new stuff for a fifth and puts it all together in one big book for you to enjoy. This is a combination of “Life of Lauren,” “Across the Pond,” “They all Cum at Carlisle’s,” and “Wet,” plus another 17,000 words of new material that describe my quite kinky sexual experiences to date.

This novel includes previously published material, as well as additional new material, copyright for which is asserted both individually and collectively. The complete text of The Life of Lauren, Across the Pond, They All Cum at Carlisle’s, and Wet is included in this work, rearranged in chronological order, as well as all or part of other below cited works.
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"Are we finally going to get to see Daddy's dick?" Nellie asked.
"Why do you think I suggested this camp?" Nancy replied.
"It's about time," Ellie said.
"Your daddy has a very nice prick," Nancy stated. "It's a thing of beauty."
"Can we play with it?" Nellie asked.
Nancy shrugged. "I don't see why not. I let you play with my pussy, don't I? I can't see why it would be any different with your daddy, as long as he lets you."
"Well, sure," Ellie said. "But you can't get us knocked up."
"Neither can your daddy. He had the snip years ago." She sat on the end of the dinette bench. "You two were more than enough for us to handle."
"But we're much easier to handle now," Nellie argued, kneeling beside her mother and leaning in so that her full, high boobs were pressed against Nancy's thigh.
"Yes," Ellie added, "we're model daughters now."
"Well, you're models, anyway," Nancy conceded. The girls had done a provocative nude layout for a national men's magazine shortly after turning eighteen. They'd refused to pose having sex with male models, but the poses they did together suggested that there might be a bit of incest involved in their relationship, even if they didn't quite show it. They weren't quite tonguing each other's pussies in the published pictures.
Ellie knelt on Nancy's other side, her tits pressed against her mother's leg, looking up at her so lovingly with her big, bright blue eyes.
"What are you two up to?" Nancy knew better than to take these two at face value, particularly when their faces were looking at her like that.
"Daddy can be such a military prick sometimes," Nellie said, sliding her hand along Nancy's inner thigh. "We just think we should get him loosened up a bit."
"Exactly," Ellie said.
Nellie had just stuck her forefinger up her mother's pussy.
"And you wouldn't want us to suffer from rejection, would you, Mommy?" Ellie cooed as she raised her head slightly and began to run her tongue around her mother's nipple before sucking it into her mouth.
"Mmmm, no," Nancy purred. "I wouldn't want that."


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