Over 700 Ways to Live "Just for Today"


Tom Garz

TG Ideas LLC

Over 700 Ways to Live "Just for Today" - Bookrepublic

Over 700 Ways to Live "Just for Today"


Tom Garz

TG Ideas LLC


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The concept of living "just for today" is not new at all.  This concept weaves in and out of history starting in the 1800s with songs, hymns, poems, essays, etc.  This book builds on the concept of "Just for Today" for Personal Growth.

In this book, I give you my Personal Guidelines on living that I try to have for myself.  Life experiences have shaped the Guidelines I have today.  My Guidelines give me perspective and guidance as my day and life go along.  My Personal Living Guidelines were developed over many years, from various sources, and from much introspection. 

My Guidelines help me be the best me I want to be.  Of course, these are just Guidelines and I adapt these to fit the day I'm living in.  I also don't do all of them all the time every day.  Usually, one or the other guideline will come to my mind as the day unfolds and reminds me of the person I want to be.  These Guidelines will I'm sure change as my years go on – and I'll add some and maybe remove some. 

These guidelines also help me "Manage the Stressors" in my life which is the initial step in my own "Stress Management".  I try to first "Manage My Stressors" then, if needed, use "Stress Management" techniques that seem to work well for me.  One of my favorite Stress Management Tools is Deep Breathing for Relaxation.  I've found that if I "Manage My Stressors" I don't have to do as much "Stress Management". 

Just writing these Guidelines in my own words has helped me image the person I want to be going forward.  I hope you find some of these useful in your life, too.


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