Beast Me: Clinical Trial Gone Wrong


Sable Collins

Lot's Cave, Inc.

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Beast Me: Clinical Trial Gone Wrong


Sable Collins

Lot's Cave, Inc.


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Michelle is the leading researcher for a new drug called Phenosec. One night when Michelle is alone in the laboratory routine dosing takes a strange turn, and the patient transforms into a beast-like creature. Soon Michelle is trapped alone with the beast with no signs of help. Will she be able to handle herself? Or will the beast be her undoing?

I want to run but my legs won’t cooperate, they’re rigor mortis with fear. When the beast lays his dark sunken eyes on me my heart falls into my stomach. I back up against the wall as he walks closer. My body is trembling as his eyes curiously look me over.
He is so close that I can feel his hot panting breath. “Please don’t hurt me” I manage to cry from my trembling lips. It’s a last ditch effort to stop the beast but it is of no use. I scream as the beast lifts me off the ground into the air.
I kick and punch as he carries me over his shoulder, but he doesn’t seem to notice. He places me down on a desk and I look up at him with tears in my eyes. His towering figure looks down on me with a sparkle I hadn’t noticed before. He is moaning low and deep and when I understand why my mouth goes agape.
The beast is stroking the low heavy cock between his legs. I can only look in terror as the shaft slowly grows to it’s erect state. It’s by far the biggest cock I have ever seen. It’s dark, thick, and filled with pulsing veins. Like a bad car accident I can’t take my eyes off it and then I shudder at the thought of what is to come next. Was he going to try to fuck me?
I try to plead with monster again. “Please Steve, we have medicine that can counteract the drugs side effects.” But I can see by the look in it’s eyes that I’m no longer talking to Steve. The only thing in it’s eye’s is lust - lust for me.
I try to scurry away from him but he quickly grabs me and drags me back. I try to fight him off, but his strength is too much for me. I give up from the struggle and lay limb on the table, breathing heavy breaths of hopelessness.
I mewl as he rips my clothes off with savage need. They tear from my body like they are nothing but tissue until I’m completely naked. A slight grin appears on the beast’s face as he drinks in my naked body.
I gasp as one of his hairy hands reach down and grab my ample tits. His touch is rough as he kneads each breast. The feeling of his course fingers and hands makes my nipples become stiff. Strangely enough, a pang of pleasure shoots to my pelvis as his hands travel from my breasts down to my midsection. Was I actually enjoying this? Was I actually warming up to the beast’s touch? The faint wetness forming between my legs would indicate that I am. But how could this be?
The beast rubs my stomach and legs as if it’s the first time he has ever touched a woman. His touch becomes gentle as he examines me with great curiosity and awe. But the gentleness doesn’t last for long. Suddenly the beast grabs both legs and spreads them so my most intimate of areas is exposed.


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