More than meets the I


Angela van Son

Angela van Son

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More than meets the I


Angela van Son

Angela van Son


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"Does it hurt? Only if I exist."

Every person longs for a meaningful life that has value. We shape this in our own way by attuning ourselves to the value of the things that surround us, and discovering what is essential to our being and what is not. Through the fusion of photography and philosophical poetry, mother Greetje and daughter Angela show us how we can do that.

Angela’s poems are the stuff life is made of, put under a microscope. She makes the ordinary magical. She makes you look at life sideways, upside down, inside out – dissects it cleanly with words sharp as any scalpel, makes you take a close, hard look at things you take for granted. She possesses the art of being able to condense a complicated thing into a luminous image that’s as profound as it is simple, using the simplest of words.

Greetje is a passionate art photographer with a unique and recognizable style. Her work embodies the “visual art of minimalism". She regularly alternates abstract subjects with atmospheric images of nature and intriguing photos where people are central - all this with a meticulous eye for the aesthetic experience or the clarity of the photo. Her works are gems of sophisticated beauty and emotional purity that will touch many art lovers…

Full stop

I don't know about the full stop, really,
it seems so harsh sometimes, abrupt,
a monologue of silence
I don't care for the full stop, really,
if the universe has no end,
why should a sentence have one


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