Punished By Mommy


Sable Collins

Lot's Cave, Inc.

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Punished By Mommy


Sable Collins

Lot's Cave, Inc.


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Victoria is back home for college break living with her Dad and his new girlfriend, Ida. One day, Victoria has the house to herself and decides to partake in a solo session of fun but is interrupted by the plumber her Dad has hired. Being the horny wild girl that she is, she decides to seduce the plumber, and things start to escalate. But when Ida comes home early from work she catches Victoria in the act. Tempers flare, and Ida decides to p

“You’ll never be my mom you fucking bitch!” I scream, not being able to hold back my anger.

She lets out a soft chuckle. I brace myself for the punishment that is sure to come. “Oh, I’m going to be your new mom whether your like it or not. Your father has already proposed and I said ‘yes.’ He’s just waiting for the right time to tell you.”

Her words are as shocking as the slap that follows. My ass feels like a pin cushion. The sting of her slap, or maybe the sting of knowing that Ida is about to be my next step mom, causes my eyes to well up with tears, but I don’t dare give her the satisfaction of watching me cry.

In the corner of my eye I see her raise her hand in the air. I tense my body knowing what is to come, but she refrains and pushes me off onto the bed. I fall into mattress not knowing whether to run or take my the punishment that was sure to come. For whatever reason, my body stays frozen. Ida is reaching into the drawer for something, and what she pulls out makes me shrink in fear. It’s a gigantic purple strap on dildo.

I’m horrified, and feel it’s better that I apologize before this goes any further. “I’m sorry I called you a money grubbing whore. I don’t care if you marry my dad.”

Ida says nothing. She straps the dildo around her waist and walks towards me. I begin to feel a strange mix of dread and arousal pump through my veins as she gets closer to the bed. I make one last ditch effort to apologize. “I said I’m sorry, alight?”

She squints her eyes and gives me an impish grin. “Oh, you’re going to be SORRY. Now, bend over!”

“No” I say as my voice wavers.

Without hesitation she yanks me off the bed, and places me into position so I’m bent over, both feet on the ground and face firmly planted into the mattress. I feel fear and humiliation, but there is also part of me who welcomes it. Maybe I’m just still horny from before or maybe I was secretly attracted to Ida, and her dominant ways.


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