Paper Quilling Book for Beginners


Angelica Lipsey

Angelica Lipsey

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Paper Quilling Book for Beginners


Angelica Lipsey

Angelica Lipsey


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Do you want to know how to create awesome quilling designs for your household or as gifts for your family and friends without breaking the bank? Paper quilling book for beginners is exactly what you should consider reading today.

The amazing art of paper quilling has numerous advantages for you and everyone around you. The exciting thing about getting to know what paper quilling is all about and designing a craft is that you can wow your friends and loved ones with beautiful gifts that will make them cherish you at virtually no cost.

In simple terms, paper quilling is the process of using thin and long paper strips and curving or coiling them into your preferred shapes. These shapes, in return, are then used for your card and paper art. Aside from having its mark as one of the most used paper craft methods globally, it is also so versatile, and various designs can be made from it.

The art of paper quilling didn't start today, but it has grown massively worldwide, with several art lovers designing different paper quilling projects for various purposes. Paper Quilling Book for Beginners contains exciting designs, ideas, tips, and techniques that will drive you to become an expert in a short period.

This beginner's guide on paper quilling is packed with step-by-step directions on how to make 20 paper quilling designs and the materials needed. Additionally, this guide is well-detailed to serve you with all there is to know about paper quilling.

Here is a snippet of what you will learn in this guide:

  • Meaning and history: You will know what paper quilling is all about and how it came to be.
  • Tips and techniques: In here, you will be exposed to hidden nuggets that will set you on your way to becoming a paper quilling expert. Also, this section teaches several methods of making a paper quilling design.
  • Paper quilling tools and materials: You will be accustomed and familiar with the different tools and materials needed to make your paper quilling design stand out among others.
  • 20 paper quilling designs: In here, you'll be held by the hand and taught the step-by-step instructions on how to make 20 paper quilling designs, including paper quilling monogram and flower tops, among many others.
  • Design mistakes and FAQs: You'll be able to easily fix your paper quilling mistakes, including having pre-informed knowledge of the most frequently asked paper quilling questions.
And much more!

Are you getting excited about what's in store for you? What is keeping you from proceeding? Don't overthink this.

Kick-start your paper quilling journey today by getting a copy of this book RIGHT NOW

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