The Book of Birdhouse Plans


Phil Yates

Phil Yates

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The Book of Birdhouse Plans


Phil Yates

Phil Yates


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Do you wake up and stand by your window just to listen to songbirds brighten up your day with their melodious chirpings? Do you have a thing for birds and would love to know how you can attract them to a birdhouse? Then read on; this should spark your interest…

Why birdhouse building?
Everyone who has taken the time to pay attention to nature has come to appreciate the uniqueness of birds. They are essential factors of the ecosystem. To a large extent, they propagate good cropping systems; if you have a garden, this will be highly beneficial.
Birds don’t only act as man’s companions; they also help serve man in many ways. This is why having a birdhouse is to your own great advantage even as it is to them. It is also an advantage to the society in general.

The birdhouse serves as a safe house for birds to live in. Although it is quite easy to make, as it doesn’t really require too many skills; however, building a birdhouse is not as simple as making just any other thing. There are basic principles that must be followed when building a birdhouse; this is what this book is about and what it hopes to help you achieve.

Asides from learning the principles, you will also get to learn and;

  • Understand the concept and history of birdhouses
  • Understand the importance of building a birdhouse
  • Familiarize with the common tips and tricks used in building a birdhouse
  • Become acquainted with the basics in constructing a birdhouse
  • Be educated on the essential tools and supplies needed in making a birdhouse
  • Know the possible ways of securing your birds from predators
  • Discover the appropriate height to place your birdhouse safely
  • Be guided on the steps to build 11 simple birdhouses that attract birds with pictorial illustrations included
  • Discover possible problems in building birdhouses and how to avoid them.
And lots more!

What more?

This book will surely guide you on your journey to making a great birdhouse to attract birds. It isn’t one you should skip for any reason.
Help make the ecosystem a safe place, and get a copy of this book RIGHT NOW to get started


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