Miracle Cream


Damien Sol

Lot's Cave, Inc.

Miracle Cream - Bookrepublic

Miracle Cream


Damien Sol

Lot's Cave, Inc.


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Cory Miller was born on the small side. Ridiculed by his family and friends of the family for five long years. Cory gets the chance to change his fate. Can a cream really do what it said it did? Cory was desperate to try. Then on a Saturday morning his fate was indeed changed when his eldest sister's shout awakened him from his slumber. Now Cory sets out to make every one that besmirched him feel the wrath of his size!

“Look at the camera you slut,” Cory hissed as he pounded his mother from behind. “Tell the world just how much of a slut you are for your son!” he growled when he snatched her head back when he took hold of her hair. So his phone would have a clear view picture of his mother’s slutty face.

“I’m… oh yes... harder! I’m a dirty slut! I’m my son’s slut. His big whore!” Celeste screamed out as Cory really started to pound her harder than he previously was.

“Tell them how much you love this,” Cory ordered.

“I will worship you until my dying days that’s how much I love my son,” Celeste said, so intoxicated in the bliss that had been flooding her body for the past hour and a half she would have said anything just to keep him doing her. “Baby! Don’t stop, I need it!” Wiggling her ass at him as she whined. “No! No! No! Not there, not there, your too… oh damn me!” Celeste howled in surprised at her son. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head.

“You love it, don’t you, slut?” Cory asked, in a tired pant. Knowing he couldn’t keep this up for much longer. He was so sore
“Yes, oh god, yes, I do. I love feeling what you do to me. Now do it like you mean it!”


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