Everyone Will See the Salvation of God

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The volume comprises ten studies on Lukan theology relating especially with the theme of salvation, but also with christology and kingdom of God in Luke-Acts, as well as with the author of the two-volume work of Luke: - Luke the Jew? Current Trajectories of Scholarship - Jesus Christ, Salvation and Kingdom of God: For a Discussion on the Thematic Unity of Luke-Acts - Our Father Abraham and the Universal Promise of Salvation in the Lukan Writings - The Lukan Story of Salvation as an Insight: Re-reading Isaiah in Luke-Acts - The Law and the Kingdom of God in the Soteriology of St Luke - Faith and Works in Luke: The Case of Circumcision - ‘And the Lord turned’: A Lukan Feature in the Itinerant Behaviour of Jesus - The Practice of Prayer by Jesus in the Lukan Teachings - The Finger of God (Luke 11:20) in Modern and Patristic Exegesis - The Plan of God and the Announcement of the Kingdom in the Light of Acts 28:17-31

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